Blue Agate – Blue Ice Ocean Agate

Our blue agate called Blue Ice Ocean Agate is mined in Oregon, USA and produces beautiful one of a kind jewelry pieces like earrings and pendants.  Blue Ice Ocean Agate also makes uniquely patterned beads and necklaces.  Blue agate is very rare, the few other types of known blue agate are: Ellensburg Blue Agate, Holly Blue Agate, Blue lace agate and Mohave Blue agate.  Most of these are hard to find on the market today and are price accordingly.

If you are looking for an affordable blue agate to tumble for your metaphysical customers or jewelry supply you have found the world's current best source of agate with a pleasing blue color. Please take a look at the photos below to appreciate the colors and patterns in Blue Ice Ocean Agate.  20 ton container loads of Blue Ice Ocean Agate are ready to be loaded and shipped worldwide to your jewelry or bead manufacturing plant.

For smaller quantities please contact us
Large orders: $10.00/lb, minimum order 5,000 lbs. Container size orders discounted.
Shipped in wooden box crates
Location- Oregon, USA

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