Wyoming Apple Green Nephrite Jade

Wyoming apple green nephrite jade is known across the world as some of the finest nephrite jade ever created by mother nature. There are many different grades of apple green jade and 2020 prices vary from $400 to $2000 a pound or more for true gem quality apple green.  Generally the brighter the green and the fewer the inclusions the higher the price of the jade will be.  Please take a look at the different pieces listed below and drop us an email with any jade questions you may have.  We ship Wyoming jade all over the world and look forward to working with you.

Apple Green Nephrite for sale please follow this link to out store

Slab 1 – 428g – $385

Slab 2 – 366g – $425 SOLD

Slab 3 – 734g – $735 SOLD

Wyoming Apple Green Nephrite Jade Slab
Block 1 – 2474g – $4329 SOLD

Block 2 – 1200g – $1650



Found near Crooks Mountain, Wyoming in June of 2016 by Bob Scholl

Every piece is SOLID, no cracks and all have chatoyant threads suspended in the jade.  Closeup photos show the darker areas are dark watermarking and not actual black spots.  Most pieces also have small silver and gold flake inclusions that create an additional chatoyance.

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