Switzerland Nephrite Jade

Scortaseo/Poschiavo locality

4.385lbs 1.988 kg
7.1” x 4.3” x 2.7”
18.2cm x 10.9cm x 6.9


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I purchased this nephrite from a Swiss dealer at the Tucson shows a few years back.  Based on information from the Jade in Switzerland article by Herbert Glass on the Friends of Jade website this nephrite fits the description of the Scortaseo/Poschiavo locality.

“The Scortaseao site is the place in Switzerland where the largest volume of Nephrite is found. The Nephrite of this site has a particular pea like structure and has been described in detail by Dietrich/Quervain in Volume 46 of the “Geotechnische Serie Switzerland” in 1965 and by myself starting on page 37 of the Bulletin of 1994.” – Herbert Glass

This nephrite polished quite nicely and easily as the photos show.  Though it appears tp be a very directional stone, it's structural integrity looks quite good, in the past I had cut 1/4 inch slabs that polished just fine. There are some minor cracks that can be seen in the photos.

Your opportunity to own a rare piece of Swiss jade.

Notes on this nephrite:

• Photos were taken in a professional light box for maximum color accuracy.  
• NO water or oil has been used in any of these photos.

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