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Paul Simons
Psychic & Energy Healer in Sedona Arizona and Brazil
Fourth Degree Reiki Master-Teacher/Practitioner

I personally have used Genesis Stone to do the following energetic table work with clients

• Ground the client
• Open closed chakras and meridians
• Clear negative thought forms 
• If you place a hand held sized piece of magnetic Genesis Stone in a large container of water (pre filter) it will magnetize and charge the water into structured water.
• Clears entire rooms and strategically placed in a house, releases negative energy form past incidents (such as violence) in a home and keeps the energy positive.
• Channeling of energy is greatly enhanced by common Genesis Stone and increases the effect of the channeling 18 times over what the effect would be without the common Genesis Stone.
• Channeling using the highly magnetic Genesis Stone increases the effect of the channeling 144 times over what the channeling without the magnetic Genesis Stone.
• Release fear and anxiety in sexual assault victims
• Release and clear walk in spirits
• I have used the small pocket sized magnetic Genesis Stone to protect myself from negative people and energy vampires. It works by repealing the negative energy so that these types stay away and do not engage or try to get in my auric field when they come in contact with me.

Heavan and Earth is marketing the Genesis Stone TM as Genesis Jasper TM

All Light Workers should have this helpful workhorse of a stone in their tool kits – Robert Simmons

Genesis Jasper TM is a combination of Magnetite, Hematite and Jasper found in the desert areas of the American West.  It is formed from multiple thin sedimentary layers of dark grey, red-brown and golden yellow.  The stones are estimated to be between 1.8 and 2.5 billion years old.  Interestingly their layers were formed from fossilized oxygen-forming bacteria–the organisms that oxygenated the Earth’s atmosphere, setting the stage for the evolution of life on Earth.  These are very old, very hard stones, and are difficult to cut and polish.  However there are some hand-sized pieces which have been naturally polished by the desert winds and sand storms, a polishing process that may have occurred over billions of years.

Robert Simmons writes:  Genesis Jasper TM  is a strongly grounding stone.  It energizes the root chakra, drawing Earth currents up through the feet.  It activates the auric immune response, keeping negative energies away.  It can be used to cleanse the meridian system and move congested chi out of stagnant areas.

“Genesis Jasper TM got it’s name because of its connection to the early origins of life.  It has a strong energetic affinity to organic life, and as such it can be a powerful healing stone.  It promotes recovery from illness and can be used to increase longevity.  It is helpful for those recovering from long illnesses, allowing one to once again become fully grounded in the physical body.”

“Genesis Jasper TM  is a stone of new beginnings.  It works through the first, second and third chakras to help one truly manifest one’s dreams. It clears away negative attachments, allowing positive inspirations to come into consciousness.  It aids one’s persistence, so that one pursues one’s inspirations to completion.”

“Genesis Jasper’s highest purpose is in the awakening of the New Earth.  Its amazing capacity  for grounding high vibrations in the physical realm makes it an ideal anchoring stone for the new energies of super-consciousness now being channeled to the Earth.  All Light Workers should have this helpful workhorse of a stone in their tool kits.  And speaking of horses, this stone is also an aid to empathic communication with animals – perhaps because of its friendly affinity with all life.”

“Genesis Jasper works with Bumblebee Jasper for manifestation of one’s dreams in the material world.  This combination of stones is very powerful!  It connects surprisingly well with Phenacites, and with Violet Flame Opal, both of which bring in very high frequency currents.  Moldavite accelerates it’s effects, Azeztulite brings its essential frequencies of the Nameless Light further into the material plane . . . with the help of Genesis Jasper.”

Maria Celeste
Fourth Degree Reiki Master-Teacher/Practitioner

Amazing grounding Earth Element energies with slight Wind Element wisdom that are meant to protect Shamanic Warriors while being taken to other dimensions for a safe earth return. Enjoy the travel. This stone provide for deep earth core grounding while one travels to spiritual heights and new dimensions. Provides inner strength courage(Earth Element) and knowledge (Wind Element) so one can be Soul Purpose Shamanic warrior with discernment and power to be the light this lifetime healing all others.

Native american, fire, earth and wind and water elements are all present in this material …a storm element bringing in balance and enlightenment to the earth and to us….this material grounds high frequencies so we can manifest on the earth for this is where we live…

Maria Celeste:
An Ordained Minister in the Church of Melchizedek;
A Third Order Dominican;
A Fourth Degree Reiki Master-Teacher/Practitioner;
Certified under Melody as Master of Crystology Level I & Level II…Laying on of Hands,Laying on of Stones;
Certification in Crystology from the Crystalis Institute under the direction of Naisha Ahsian 
An ERT and Kinesiology Practitioner;
A Certified Teacher -Coach of Success: Full Living; a contemporary approach to spiritual responsibility.
Trained and Coached by Father Justin in the Silva Method, a method designed to elevate the creative powers of your mind by the use of visualization and imagination, positive thinking and meditation.
Kundalini Reiki
Masters in Finance and Accounting Boston College 1978
Spiritual Intuitive