PS6 – 4 Pocket Genesis Stones

ALL NATURAL patina Banded Iron Formation, NO oils or enhancements!Naturally carved and polished wind slicks from Wyoming, USA. A grounding experience with 2 billion year old Genesis Stone, a type of Banded Iron Formation (BIF).

Really Old Rocks has been selling Wyoming Genesis Stone at rock & gem shows around the USA including the International Tucson shows and on the internet since 2011.

In 2013 I coined the phrase Genesis Stone for the banded iron formation wind slicks I was selling to meta-physical shops around the country as the jasper layer is the remains of the first micro-organisms on earth.

Enjoy the grounding experience of naturally carved and polished wind slicks from Wyoming, USA. ALL NATURAL patina, NO oils or enhancements! 2+ billion year old Genesis Stone is a type of Banded Iron Formation (BIF).

Every unique piece has seen an almost unimaginable amount of sunrises and sunsets out on the windswept plains of Wyoming creating the unique polished desert patina on these stones. Magnetite, hematite & jasper energy with millions of years of sun and wind energy in each piece.

Same composition and formation as the Mormon “Seer” Stone.

Genesis Stone / Banded Iron is a sedimentary stone made of alternating layers of jasper and hematite or magnetite. It was formed 1.8 – 2.4 billion years ago in the ancient iron seas. These pieces were broken off from the main formation by an unknown event and left to weather on the Wyoming plains. Each of these naturally polished specimens likely spent tens of millions, if not hundreds of millions of years being carved by wind, water and grains of sands.

Metaphysical aspects of Genesis Stone / Banded Iron Formation.

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Paul Simons – Psychic & Energy Healer
I personally have used banded iron to do the following energetic table work with clients
• Ground the client
• Open closed chakras and meridians
• Clear negative thought forms
• Clears entire rooms and strategically placed in a house, releases negative energy form past incidents (such as violence) in a home and keeps the energy positive.
• Channeling of energy is greatly enhanced by common banded iron and increases the effect of the channeling 18 times over what the effect would be without the common banded iron.
• Channeling using the highly magnetic banded iron increases the effect of the channeling 144 times over what the channeling without the magnetic banded iron.
• Release fear and anxiety in sexual assault victims
• Release and clear walk in spirits
• I have used the small pocket sized magnetic banded iron to protect myself from negative people and energy vampires. It works by repealing the negative energy so that these types stay away and do not engage or try to get in my auric field when they come in contact with me.

Maria Celeste – Fourth Degree Reiki Master-Teacher/Practitioner
Amazing grounding earth element energies with slight wind element wisdom that are meant to protect Shamanic Warriors while being taken to other dimensions for a safe earth return. Enjoy the travel. This stone provide for deep earth core grounding while one travels to spiritual heights and new dimensions.

Provides inner strength courage (Earth Element) and knowledge (Wind Element) so one can be a Soul Purpose Shamanic warrior with discernment and power to be the light of this lifetime healing all others. Native American, fire, earth and wind and water elements are all present in this material …a storm element bringing in balance and enlightenment to the earth and to us….this material grounds high frequencies so we can manifest on the earth for this is where we live…

PS6 Genesis Pocket Stones

Naturally carved and polished banded iron wind slicks from Wyoming, USA. ALL NATURAL patina, NO oils or enhancements!

4 different Genesis Stones in our popular pocket or pendant sizes.


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